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If you would like to use EDA Playground without agreeing to the LIMITED USE TERMS, you can instead log in using your Google or Facebook account, but doing so restricts access to some of these Licensed Products. If you log in using your Google or Facebook account, you can choose to validate your user ID later should you decide you would like to access some of these Licensed Products. Access to these Licensed Products is restricted to those users who submit full personal details including valid details of their current company, institutional or academic affiliation and agree to specific LIMITED USE TERMS.

As you submit your personal details for validation, you will be required to indicate your commitment to and acceptance of the set of LIMITED USE TERMS with associated personal liability for any misuse or abuse attributable to your VALIDATED USER ID. Please read carefully before indicating your agreement.

Doulos reserves the right to deny or remove access to Licensed Products for any User at any time without reference or explanation and entirely at its own discretion.

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LICENSED PRODUCTS (All trademarks acknowledged)

  • Aldec Riviera-PRO ™
  • Aldec HES-SyntHESer ™
  • Cadence Xcelium ™
  • Cadence Specman ™
  • Siemens Precision ™
  • Siemens Questa ™
  • Synopsys VCS ™
(Doulos acknowledges and records its appreciation to Aldec, Cadence, Siemens and Synopsys for their support for EDA Playground which enables users of EDA Playground worldwide to improve their understanding and application of hardware design and verification languages.)


SOLE PERMITTED USE: Access to Licensed Products is provided solely for the User's personal use for educational purposes to assist in enabling the User to understand how to code efficiently and effectively in hardware design and verification languages. Access to EDA Playground via their VALIDATED USER ID must not be provided by a User to any other person.

PROHIBITED USE: Any other use of Licensed Products including but not limited to commercial design activity or benchmarking of capability or performance is strictly prohibited.

CIRCUMVENTION OF RUNTIME CONSTRAINTS: Certain runtime constraints have been placed on the access and use of Licensed Products within EDA Playground; such constraints are imposed to prevent misuse or inappropriate commercial exploitation but are sufficient to enable personal educational use and benefit for the User. Users are prohibited from attempting to circumvent such constraints.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Performance characteristics of Licensed Products including but not limited to simulation speed and how code is interpreted are to be kept confidential by the User. Publication, broadcast or any other form of reporting of performance characteristics discovered while using Licensed Products in EDA Playground is prohibited.

BROADCAST OR PUBLIC PRESENTATION: Public presentation or broadcast of the use of Licensed Products in EDA Playground in live or recorded form is prohibited without the express permission of Doulos Ltd.

USER AND USAGE DETAILS: User and usage details related to any use of Licensed Products within EDA Playground may be made available at any time to the Licensor of Licensed Products.

I have read and accept responsibility for compliance with the LIMITED USE terms above for usage associated with my VALIDATED USER ID.

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